Your website has 2 main content types; Pages and News. Adding and editing these 2 types are very similar but there are a few important differences. Pages tend to be the main fixtures of your website content and are usually not date specific. News on the other hand are date specific and are dynamically pulled into your Homepage “News” section as well as your “News” list page with each new article.

News Articles/Posts

News posts are listed in reverse chronological order on the Homepage and News page. Unlike pages, you also have the option to organize your posts based on categories and tags.

Another difference between Pages and News is the social media share buttons. These are only on your News items and not on your static content Pages.

At the bottom of the News articles are links to the next and previous articles (chronologically).

Some similarities between Pages and News posts are their content editors. You can add and edit their content in the exact same way. They also both have the ability to allow comments to be added at the bottom of each page. By default, comments are disabled but you can override this within each Page or News post.

Admin/Dashboard View of Posts


Pages are similar to posts however they have some very important differences. Pages are meant to be static “one-off” type content such as your “About” page, “Privacy Policy” etc. Pages are timeless and the backbone of your site’s content – they are probably not regularly created like your News postings.

A big difference between “Pages” and your “News” posts is the ability to generate a Parent -> Child relationship. Doing this will automatically generate a menu on these Pages. The Parent page will list all of their Child Items, along with a link back the the “parent page”. As well as this Parent-Child, a breadcrumb menu is also generated when you create these relationships. Unlike the generated menu, this menu only helps users navigate backwards, rather than showing all of the child options.

Another difference is that “Pages” do not include social sharing buttons or links to more pages at the bottom.

Pages, like News, can have comments if this feature is switched on. By default it is switched off.

Admin/Dashboard View of Pages

To summarize, the following are the key differences between posts vs pages.

  • News are timely vs. Pages are timeless.
  • News can be social vs. Pages are NOT.
  • News are organized using categories and tags vs. Pages are hierarchical and can be organized as child and parent pages.
  • News have author and published date vs Pages do not.

The differences we listed above may have exceptions.

There are some similarities between pages and “News” post. First, they are both used for publishing content. You can add text, images, forms, etc. to both “News” posts and pages. There is featured image meta-field in both pages and “News” posts.