How to change your Main Theme Setting (Logo, Primary, Secondary & Button Color)
The Logo & colors you use on your site are part of your club’s image. This article will show you how to change your club website’s theme color, logo, Fallback Hero Image & Fallback Thumbnail Image.
Please note: Changing any theme setting will reflect on your whole website.

  1. Login to the Website’s Dashboard.
  2. From Dashboard click on ‘Appearance‘, and select the ‘Customize‘ option to bring up the Active Theme Customization Dashboard.
  3. Click on ‘Main Theme Settings’
  4. From here, you can view/edit your theme’s color, logo and fallback (default) images. 
    Please note: changing these colors could effect all parts of your website

Do not forget to click ‘Publish‘ at the top of the left column when you make any changes.

A Quick Description of what each item does:

Primary & Secondary Colors – A lot of your website’s default appearances are probably based off of your primary and secondary colors. For instance, the menu bar and some widgets like the GotSport’s spotlight widget.

Club Logo – This will only update the logos in your menu bar and footer. If you would like your logo to appear in your header please read: Homepage: Hero Header

Fallback Hero Image – This image will be the default header image for your pages & post (except for the homepage) and some widgets like the GotSport’s Schedule & Scores widget

Fallback Thumbnail Image (Also known as a featured image) – This image will be the default post thumbnail image. This is the image seen when sharing articles. You will also see this thumbnail on GotSport’s Posts Widget.