Welcome to your new site. You are probably thinking what should I do first? Hopefully the following article will give you some guidance on how to customize your website. If you are already familiar with WordPress, Great! You are one step ahead, and this GotSport site should look somewhat familiar. If you are not familiar with WordPress, don’t worry as this guide will give you a rundown of the basics to get your site up and running.

Getting Familiar with your Admin’s Dashboard

When you first log into you your website, it will take you to the Admin’s Dashboard.

The Dashboard has 4 main sections: the toolbar, the main navigation, the work area, and the footer.

If your are previewing a page or on your admin’s dashboard, this toolbar will always be at the top of your page.There are few helpful shortcuts on the toolbar. For instance, Customize, Edit Page & Edit Elementor are three shortcuts you will probably use a lot.

You can easily switch to your Dashboard and Website from your Toolbar (see video). To the right of the GotSport Logo, your site name is displayed as a link. Hover over your site name – from the drop down menu click  ‘Visit Site‘. To switch back to your admin dashboard, hover over your site name and from the drop down menu click ‘Dashboard‘.

When visiting your site, you will see that helpful shortcuts on your toolbar to customize and edit that page.

On the far right of the Toolbar is an image of your Avatar. When hovered over, this expands to link you to your Profile Screen as well as a Log Out link.

Main Navigation

The Main Navigation menu contains links to all the major pages and controls for your website. This Main Navigation bar is visible whenever you are inside the back-end of your site, and gives you quick access to all the work areas and settings that control your site.

Under each tab there is often sub-sections related to that parent tab heading. You can easily view the grouped sub-sections by hovering your cursor over the major tab, which will reveal a fly-out menu offering direct access to each sub-section.
Why are my tabs different?
You may notice you are missing tabs that you see represented here, when looking at the admin area of your site. If your User Account has a role other than Site Admin, you may see a reduced set of tabs in your admin screen. Also, you might need to upgrade your club website package to gain access to more features.

Work Area

The area in the middle of the screen is called the work area. This is where you can write, edit, and delete posts as well as adjust settings. Depending on which tab you select in the Main Navigation will determine what the work area will look like.

Great! Now that you are familiar with your site’s Dashboard, you can start customizing your site.

If you are looking for something specific, we provide many helpful How-To-Guides HERE