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Your GotSport Website comes with a free name.gotsportsites.com domain name. Your organization can choose to keep using this domain name or, if you have your own domain name, you can switch this over whenever you choose.


If you are selecting your button’s color to be Primary or Secondary there are two places it could pull from.

  1. Main Theme Settings – (Default)
  2. Advanced Color Settings

By default your button’s primary and secondary colors will pull from your Main Theme’s Settings.

However, in some cases you may need your button’s primary color and/or secondary color to be different from your Main Theme’s color. People could do this if their theme’s colors are on the lighter side. In “Advanced Color Settings” you can change your Primary & Secondary button colors without changing your Main Theme’s colors.

Important: If you have a button color selected in the Advanced Color Settings, this will override your Main Theme Settings.

This is a small glitch in Elementor.

Workaround: Save the Page or News post first before entering into Elementor editing mode.

  1. Create new page / news post
  2. Add title
  3. Save by selecting either ‘Publish’ or ‘Save Draft’
  4. Click on ‘Edit with Elementor’

Just refresh the page and your page/news post will reappear

Example: Quick Edit – New Title

Yes, you can select a specific event or program to showcase on any page using the GotSport Widget

GotSport Events Widget or GotSport Programs Widget