You might need to upgrade your club website package to access Pro Elementor widgets. To learn more about the different packages we offer, CLICK HERE

Elementor is a visual website builder plugin enabling the creation of web pages in a live and visual way. Elementor allows the creativity to come from you. You can add simple text or interactive content. We have also created helpful GotSport Widgets for a quick start to you building your page. Feel free to play around with the widgets and see what looks good to you. If you want to learn more about Elementor in detail, please check out: Anatomy of the Elementor Page Editor

How to get to Elementor and back to your Admin Dashboard
The example below is of the Homepage. You can access Elementor the same way on all pages and News Posts.

  1. From the Dashboard open the ‘Pages’, and select the ‘All Pages‘ option to bring up the ‘Pages’ screen.
  2. Hover the cursor over the page you wish to edit, the action menu will now appear. Click on Edit.

3. Click on ‘Edit with Elementor‘. On your Homepage Edit screen you will either have the Elementor button at the top left corner under your permalink, or in the top middle of the page (see examples below)

4. Drag & Drop widgets to your homepage & edit.
5. Once complete, click Update/Publish at the bottom of the page
6. To get back to your Admin Dashboard, click the three lines at the top of the page and select ‘Exit To Dashboard’

If you are an Elementor newbie, these steps will help you understand the essentials of successful page-building. You will learn:

  1. Anatomy of the Elementor Page Editor
  2. Elements Basic Edits (Sections, Columns, Widgets)
  3. Save, Preview & Publish your page with Elementor
  4. Make your page Responsive with Elementor

As you can imagine there is a lot you can do with Elementor. But don’t worry, you will quickly get the hang of it. Below is a quick how-to tutorial by Elementor.